Furihata Ai

2015年12月9日-降幡愛-上半身2 Furihata Ai ( 降幡愛, First name: Ai ; Last name: Furihata) born February 19th, 19941 in Nagano, Japan. She is a seiyuu. She is affiliated with Office-tb.  She is well-known for her role as Kurosawa Ruby in Love Live! Sunshine. She is often called Aiai (あいあい) or Furirin (ふりりん).

She has a Grade 3 Penmanship Transcription Test Certificate and a Grade 2 Word Processing Test Certificate.

She is very skilled in drawing. She animates her original characters and voices them during her free time. She uploads them in Instagram often. She also sometimes does Love Live! Sunshine fan art. She has also opened her own niconico community where she streams her drawing every now and then.

She has confirmed that her name “Furihata Ai” is her real name.2 She is often caught by her younger brother browsing images of naked females in her room. The truth is because she is an illustrator, she browses females in swimsuits and checks their hips and butt. She admitted to being fascinated by them. She mostly looks at photobooks by the gravure model Kuramochi Yuka. If she were asked to recommend a photobook for the best breasts, she would definitely recommend Kojima Haruna.3

Blood Type: B
Height: 148cm Shoe size: 22cm
Hobbies: Listening to Music, Collecting T-shirts

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  1. Confirmed by the person herself in the Love Live! Sunshine Radio Episode 17
  2. KaneTomo Seiyuu Labo
  3. KaneTomo Seiyuu Labo