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Imamura Ayaka (今村彩夏, First name: Ayaka, Last name: Imamura), born August 5th, 1993 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. She is a voice actress. She is popular with her role as Hotaka Miyabi from Absolute Duo, which was her first main heroine role since her debut, Hayama Teru from Sansha Sanyou, Oomune Mune from Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume, and Ange from Princess Principal. She is affiliated with WITH LINE. She is often called Kon-chan (こんちゃん、今ちゃん), Imamu (いまむー), Ayamura (あやむら). Some of her fans calls her Konson (Since her family name kanji 今村 could also be read as Konson/こんそん).

The reason why she became a voice actress was because in middle school, she started to have an interest over voice acting after her friend introduced her to Sengoku BASARA1 and since then she has been checking the information about voice acting and voice actors. Some friends of her also said that her voice is cute. After that, she joined the theater club. After she graduated from high school, she entered a voice acting course in Broadcasting Art College. She graduated in 2014. She confessed that before she graduated, she started to wonder of what to do in life, and that she could only become a voice actress.2

Her debut in anime was an unnamed girl in Isshukan Friends and her  first audition was for Absolute Duo. 3 After Absolute Duo, she got several supporting roles such as Mei Mei in Hundred, Kougami Yuriko in Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru and Fuuma Hina in Hidan no Aria AA in 2015. In 2016, she got roles such as Hayama Teru in Sansha Sanyou, Oomune Mune in Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume, and Iino Minaha in Stella no Mahou. In 2017, she got her first main character role during the year, Ange in Princess Principal. Because of her interest in horse racing and that she has been playing Sega’s horse racing arcade game StarHorse due to her father’s influence, she got a role as a secretary character, Hiyoshi Haruka, in StarHorse Pocket, the mobile game version of StarHorse in 2017.

Before her anime debut, despite of being a newcomer voice actress, she also got her solo radio program Imamura Ayaka STAY GOLD in Bunka Housou’s Chou!A&G+ on July, 2014. On the first episode, the radio was a normal video-based radio program for the first 10 minutes, started with her introduction. After that, a voice from Heaven, calling themselves the Radio’s God (Radio no Kami-sama/ラジオの神様) told her that she didn’t understand how radio program works, thus they took everything from her, including her radio staff and studio. Since then, she has been recording the radio somewhere around Bunka Housou, in unoccupied places, mostly on the small space between Bunka Housou’s Media Plus Hall and the lobby and sometimes outside together with the Radio’s God and her observer (Mimamoru hito/見守る人, mostly her agency WITH LINE’s president) until present, while doing the challenges about radio program from Radio’s God.

Having no staff, there is also no script writer for the radio program, her ‘script’ are crushed paper balls written by the Radio’s God, which her colleagues called ‘trash’.4 One of the unique parts of this radio is that most of the people guesting are Bunka Housou A&G+ employees and her agency’s president, while the normal voice actor radio programs usually have another voice actor as a guest. Up until now, the only voice actor who had guested were, Suwa Ayaka, which had worked together with her as a Duo/partner in Absolute Duo5, Watanabe Haruka, which is on the same agency as her6, and Takagaki Ayahi for Ayaka’s birthday surprise in 2017 because their radio programs’ schedule is back-to-back and they often send letters and mails to each other. 7 She even does the radio jingle herself, with different themes every weeks which she gets from the listeners.

Her blood type is AB. Her height is 161cm. She doesn’t get along with animals, or rather, she is scared of them. During Sansha Sanyou niconama, the staff made a special project so she could overcome it. Since she loves horse racing, she is okay with horses and she said it’s because their eyes are kind. She took level 5 horse riding license in 2017.8 She is currently aiming for the level 4 license.

Her family consists of her father, mother, and an older brother who is three years older than her. They live in Osaka while she moved by herself to Tokyo (or around Tokyo) after she graduated to become a voice actress and has been living alone until present. She uses Senshuu dialect, a variation of Kansai’s Osaka dialect, which is famous for their harsh locution and characterized by roll speaking, because she moved in to the South Osaka with her family when she was in elementary school.9 When she signed to the agency, her trainer told her to fix her dialect, but when she asked her agency’s president about her most shining part, he answered it’s her harsh Osaka dialect. So she mostly speaks in Osaka dialect on the radio or during her radio’s events. (Once she asked if her fans would like her to speak politely or just her usual harsh Osaka dialect, and they chose the usual.)

The reason she became an otaku was because she wasn’t good at drawing so she started to buy MÄR – Märchen Awakens Romance by chance to practice during middle school. Since then, she became addicted to manga and anime.10

Her favorite food are Ichiran’s ramen and fruits. She has quite a lot of food she dislikes, such as tomatoes, vegetables, and mushrooms especially shiitake mushroom. She has been swimming for a long time, she was a backstroke swimmer. She also played table tennis since elementary school and joined a club in middle school. She still goes to the gym to swim and play table tennis, or just to train her body until present. When she got the role in Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume, it revealed that she was a demon coach while teaching the other casts. Her hobbies are horse racing (watching and predicting, not gambling. She often put the seasonal predictions on her blog), medal games, reading (mostly novel and light novel), and checking around net cafes.11 Her radio title STAY GOLD was also taken from a horse racer named STAY GOLD. Despite of being born and raised in Osaka, her favorite baseball time is Kyojin due to her parents’ influence. She is not good at running, and ball sports such as soccer and basketball, and she wants to try kyudo, simply because hakama looks cool.

Rather than a cute type, she wants to become a cool woman. Ever since she worked together with Sawashiro Miyuki in Princess Principal, she looks up to Sawashiro because she is always composed and cool.12 She gets along well with Suwa Ayaka and Yamamoto Nozomi, which she had worked together with in Absolute Duo, they often gave her their clothes. She is also close with Watanabe Haruka, Natsuno Nao, Suzuki Aina, and Satou Miki ever since they became the host for A&G GIRLS BEAT♪ Queenty. She often goes to Natsuno Nao’s house to have a meal or to stay a night since their house is near to each other and she easily gets lonely.

Perhaps, due to the quite harsh treatment and challenges from Radio’s God for years and that she is marketed as an old man character, she often clicks her tongue and acts like an old man you could find around the town. In fact, she is quite shy and a scaredy-cat. She likes drinking alcohol, especially Japanese sake.13 Her fans usually called as villagers (Murabito/村人 or Sonmin/村民), which makes her their village mayor (Sonchou/村長) which was taken from her name. She is a big fan of Date Masamune, and said when she gets old and retired from her job as a voice actress, her dream is to buy a house right next to Date Masamune’s tomb and spend her life there.

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