Kobayashi Aika

image Kobayashi Aika (小林愛香, First name: Aika ; Last name: Kobayashi) born October 23rd, 1993 in Kanagawa, Japan. She is a singer and a seiyuu. She is affiliated with Newcome Inc. She is well-known for her character Tsushima Yoshiko Yohane from Love Live! Sunshine, also her first role as a voice actress, and for having sung the ED theme songs for the anime Freezing and Queen’s Blade Rebellion. She is often called Aikyan (あいきゃん).

The very first person she followed in twitter is MARiA (from GARNiDELiA). They have worked together and released a single together for the anime Freezing where MARiA sung the OP song and Aikyan did the ED song.

She also has a personal Youtube Account where she posted various song covers in the past year. She owns two dogs, Laila and Chocola. She is into photography and owns a SONY NEX-5.

Her father is Japanese, her mother is Half-Japanese and Half-Korean which makes her a Quarter Korean.

Height/Weight: 155cm/40kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Camera, Western Style Clothes
Special Skills: Dancing (Hip-Hop, R&B, LA Style)
Target: To become a multi-singer.

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