Kusuda Aina

Kusuda Aina (楠田亜衣奈, First Name: Aina, Last Name: Kusuda) born February 1, 1989 in Chiba, Japan. She is a voice actress and a singer. She is a voice actress affiliated with Fortune Rest‘s Dandelion Division. She is often called Kussun (くっすん). She is also close friends with Uchida Aya, Nitta Emi and Pile. In 2011, she debuted as seiyuu playing as Toujou Nozomi in Love Live! school idol project! However, prior to that she was working part-time in a maid cafe in Akihabara called, 「Cafe la vie en rose」. In 2013 she formed a unit with Pile who voiced Nishikino Maki from Love Live called “Please&Secret”. In the same year she released a CD in November 6th, together with a new JTB Music Unit called “Tabi College Girls” (タビカレガールズ), together with Watanabe Yui, Yamaguchi Rikako, Nishimori Rika and Sumi Mami.

She has also recently become close with Love Live voice actress Nanjou Yoshino. They both now keep a “Promise Notes,” that was made during the course of their still on-going radio NozoEri’s Radio Garden. They have fulfilled a few promises such as opening their ear piercing together and going for a drive-by to the North until 12 midnight.

When she was in junior high school, she was overwhelmed by the talk done by voice actor Kamiya Akira in her school, she thought it was impossible for her. However, but after high school, she saw a stage performance by Takeuchi Junko and was inspired to become a voice actor again. She promised to work even harder and try even harder even now, in the present. She graduated from Yoyogi Animation School. In 2015, she released her first mini album titled “First Sweet Wave.” It consists of five original tracks, which one of them is written by her, titled “Todoke Mirai!” (トドケミライ!lit. Reach the future!) A week after she joined her agency, JTB Entertainment, the offer to audition for Toujou Nozomi arrived for her. She said that if she had been a week late in joining her current agency, she wouldn’t have gotten the Nozomi role.1

She loves watching Soccer and her favorite player is Uchida Atsuto who plays for Bundesliga club Schalke 04 and the Japan National Team. It is to her style to watch people play soccer without any kinds of prejudice.

She cannot eat crab and shrimp because of her shellfish allergy. It’s not that she could not eat them, however suffering allergic reactions frequently is painful so she would rather avoid them.

Her specialty is dancing. Since she was five (5) years old she has studied method dancing for jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballet and classical dances. She owns a dog named Chip. She owns a car and has gone on a road trip with Nanjou Yoshino, Tokui Sora, Pile and Nitta Emi. She also has an older sister (who lives separately from home). She lives with her parents in Tokyo as of present. She has a new dog named Meme whom she often calls Hime as well. The true name for this dog remains a mystery.

According to her ameblo information her favorite food is Ice Cream and the food she doesn’t like are bell peppers and carrots. Her favorite sports is soccer and she loves playing games such as Tetris and Puyo Puyo. She loves staying at home. She also said that the moments that she’s happiest are when she’s sleeping and whenever she’s watching a movie. The place that she wants to go to for a date is Disneyland. If she won the lottery she would buy a mansion. A person that she respects is Yamadera Koichi-san.

If she were to compare herself to an animal, she would be a cat. She also said that she would be be very happy every time she eats delicious food. When she was a child, she wanted to be a ballet dancer. Something that would definitely be in her bentou are wieners and rolled egg omelets. If she were to be born again, she wants to be a tall, rich and beautiful lady. The most expensive thing she has ever bought is a 32V Type Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting HD TV. The place that she wants to go to when she was filling up this information is “Hawaii.” In the 2015 Love Live concert Pamphlet she said that she wants to go to Germany because of Soccer. Something that she would definitely carry around is her contact lens case. Something that she could eat for one month is ice cream.

She mentioned that she used to be a fan of Morning Musume and Matsuura Aya in the past. She also has knowledge about Hello!Project, but not anymore recently.2 She believes in things such as Palm Reading. 3

On August 1st, 2016 she transferred agencies from JTB to Dandelion together with fellow co-worker Watanabe Yui.4

Blood Type: A
Height: 150.3cm
Talents: Morote Shomen (Overhead Attack to the Head with Both Hands) (Kendo Technique), Dancing
Disliked Food: Something whose taste you don’t understand. (i.e. chocolate with orange fillings, etc)5
The Thing You Want Right Now: A Mansion6
Aim as a Singer: “My aim is not something like aim for Budoukan and such. As for now, I just want to do what I can for all of my fans.”7
Habit: Looking at people in the eye. (People tells her she does it often, but she likes doing it.)8

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