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001-6yzf85Nanjou Yoshino (南條愛乃, First Name: Yoshino, Last Name: Nanjou) born July 12, 1984 in Shizuoka, Japan. She is a voice actress and a singer. She is currently affiliated with Office EN-JIN.  She is often called Nanjolno (ナンジョルノ) and Nanchan (なんちゃん) by some fans and friends. She is close friends with Kubo Yurika, who calls her Yoshinon (よしのん) . She is mostly known for her roles as Oosawa Maria from  Canaan, Akechi Kokoro from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Series and Ayase Eri from Love Live! school idol project. She is also the second generation vocalist of the trance-pop duo fripSide.

She has also recently become close with Love Live voice actress Kusuda Aina. They both now keep a “Promise Notes,” that was made during the course of their still on-going radio NozoEri’s Radio Garden. They have fulfilled a few promises such as opening their ear piercing together and going for a drive-by to the North until 12midnight.

She graduated from RAMS Professional Education, Yoyogi Animation School. In 2007 she was under RAMS on October 1, but then was transferred to DWANGO Productions through affiliation on November 1 of the same year. In 2009 she succeeded nao from being the vocalist of fripSide. She started gaining recognition from singing the opening theme of the anime “To Aru Kagaku no railgun” (A Certain Scientific Railgun)’s “only my railgun”. In 2010 she started participating in the Love Live! School idol project as Ayase Eri and continued to work as a voice actress in the unit μ’s. In August of the same year, she also managed to attend her first time in the Animelo Summer Live or Anisama (アニサマー). In April 1, 2011, she transferred agencies to AG-ONE’s Amuleto. In December 12, 2012, she released a mini album titled “Katarumoa” which marked her solo debut. In 2013 she released a photobook she photographed in a collaboration with Kubo Yurika called “In JolShika.”

Regarding her nickname “Nanjolno” it was given to her by her friend Haruka Hitomi from the same Agency. It was apparently a combination of “Ojou” (Young Lady / お嬢) + Nan (from her last name / 南) = Nanjolno. They kept on hearing Haruka Hitomi use it and the others got interested in it and used it as well from then on. With the said friend, she often refers to her as Hitton (ひっとん) while Haruka Hitomi calls her Nanjolno or Jolno. Her nickname “Ojou” came from the Da Capo II Radio named “Radio Da Capo Hatsunejima Diary” (ラジオ ダ・カーポII 〜初音島日記〜) which she hosted with Asanuma Shintaro in 2008, he gave her this nickname.  

Her favorite subject in school was Arts and she’s bad at physical education. Her hobbies are, playing with cats, taking photos; she owns an Olympus-PEN-FT (and a few polaroids) and she likes to draw. In addition to that, she lives alone and owns two cats named “Mugi” (ムギ) and “Chibi-chan” (チビちゃん).  She loves cats a lot that she usually posts photos of them, and retweets them from twitter cat bots as well. She is a member of the “Negative-Club” formed with Asanuma Shintaro who acts as president. Her mother is an animator. The reason that she wanted to become a seiyuu is Li Syaoran (Kumai Motoko) from Card Captor Sakura. She auditioned for a voice actor training during Middle School but didn’t pursue it since she prioritized her studies.

When she was in professional school she was in an audition for being an assistant, she was asked to do an original greeting and came up with “Jonbo” (ジョンボ). Her usual hairstyle is short haired, but she often wears wigs on events. She usually wears eyeglasses.  In twitter she usually holds an event called “menjolno” (麺ジョルノ) using the official hastag #menjolno. In this event everyone eats noodles and takes a photo of it and tags it with the official hashtag. This was made in a order to find a sense of unity towards people who loves noodles. She used to be asthmatic, but due to the fact that she now keeps a cat, her asthma may now be under control. When she was a new seiyuu, her staff expressed ‘support’ to her ‘transition’ into becoming male (Transgender). She quickly explains to them that it wasn’t like that and that she simply liked to dress casually and keep short hair because it was easy to maintain.1 She has also stated that if she were to walk outside, she would rather look for beautiful women than look at handsome men2

She promised to take her driving license this year, 2015, however she keeps on putting it off and saying that “I will take it someday.” She also has a younger brother the same age as her fellow voice actress, Kusuda Aina. She lives alone in Tokyo, however she visits to her hometown, Shizuoka during holidays. In the 2015 concert pamphlet from Love Live, she said that she wants to go overseas for vacation and take photos. She is an indoor person. She has also mentioned that she is the type to take solitary walks at 12 midnight. She’s into playing Final Fantasy XIV lately.

On February 28, 2015, she left Amuleto. On March 1, 2015, she joined Office EN-JIN.

Her love for ramen (and noodles), started from when her mother always cooked ramen. Her mother has always loved ramen.3 In August 31, 2015, she revealed that she has been diagnosed with “patellar subluxation and meniscal tear injury” and is currently undergoing rehabilitation for it. She also stated that the recurring of her patellar subluxation is due to it being hereditary. 4

Blood Type: O
Height: 150cm

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