Nishimoto Rimi

Nishimoto Rimi (西本りみ, Last name: Nishimoto, First name: Rimi) born October 25th, 1994 in Hyogo, Japan. She’s a seiyuu and musician. She’s well-known for her role as Ushigome Rimi in the TV Anime BanG Dream! She is the bassist for the BanG Dream! band Poppin’Party or Popipa (ぽっぴん’Party or ぽぴぱ). She is affiliated with HiBiKi. She is often called Rimi (りみ) and Rimirin (りみりん), the same as her character in BanG Dream! She confirmed that having the same name as her character was intentional.1

When she was in elementary she watched the anime “Mirmo de Pon” and learned of the seiyuu occupation and aimed to be one since then. Ever since she was 3 years old, she played the electone and played the piano at home then she grew up learning more instruments such as the guitar and the bass, but only because of the BanG_Dream! Project did she focus on a single instrument. For that reason, she took lessons and learned more about the bass such as how to hold the guitar and strings properly. She started joining local bands since she was in 2nd year Middle School, making her the member with the most band experience. During Middle School as well, she joined the Wind Music Club of her school and played the Euphonium, which she got from her father and the Saxophone.

On April 21st, 2015, she signed in on HiBiKi together with Ozaki Yuka. On her first year in college, she has acquired certifications for: Secretarial Skill 2nd Grade, Color Coordination, Microsoft Office Word/Excel Specialist. She graduated from College in 2017. She attended an All-Girl’s College. She already has her driving license. She said that she loves Tsundere characters, which she would like to try voicing in the future. She would also like to voice a young boy character.

She said that she can do an imitation of Elmo but admitted that she is not very good at it. She loves Mario64 and would like to compete in an RTA event for it someday. She loves maple syrup, fresh cream, meat and chocolates, especially Kit Kat. She loves bears and thus got her blog url “Rimirin Kuma” Where Kuma (くま) means bear. She has an older sister. Her grandmother from her mother’s side is from Okinawa.

She is the type to not easily get tired. Sometimes she gets too engrossed in playing the bass or the guitar that before she notices it the sun has rose already. Without sleeping she just prepares for her day and goes to work just like that. She does get tired but she does not feel sleepy at all.2 She likes going for walks. Normally she would walk for 2 hours. If she can walk to her next job she would walk. She does confirm that if she’s with someone she would ride the train as to not trouble them. 3

Hobbies: Gaming, Watching Videos, Taking Naps, Chocolates.
Special Talents: Playing instruments, composing music, using the computer, saving money.
Blood Type: A

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