Oohashi Ayaka

Oohashi Ayaka (大橋彩香, Last Name: Oohashi, First name: Ayaka) born September 13th, 1994 in Saitama, Japan. She is a seiyuu, an idol, singer and a tarento. She is well-known for her roles as Shimamura Uzuki in The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, Shibuki Ran in Aikatsu! and Yamabaki Saaya in BanG Dream! She is the Drummer and Percussion for the BanG Dream! band Poppin’Party or Popipa (ぽっぴん’Party or ぽぴぱ). She is affiliated with HoriPro. Her music label is Lantis. She is often called Hasshi or Hassy (はっしー), and Ayaka-chan (彩香ちゃん). She is affectionately called Chiki-san (ちきさん) by fellow HoriPro seiyuu, Tadokoro Azusa, whom she calls Azusa-chin (あずさちん) in return. The two of them hosted a radio in 2012 where she was nicknamed Ayachiki (あやちき) and that is where Chiki-san from. She is also called Hego (へご), Hegochin (へごちん) because of her misreading atama e gochin (頭 へ ごちん)with atama hegochin (頭 へごちん)in one of Igarashi Hiromi’s Chan-Opu episodes.

She lived in Urawa, Saitama until she was in Kindergarten before moving to Tokyo and living there until present. Since she mostly grew up in Tokyo, she can’t talk much about Saitama and considers Tokyo as her hometown. In regards to Saitama, she can only talk about the ‘Lotte Factory.’ It was because during that time, her mother always says that the building next to them was “Lotte~ Lotte~ You can get a lot of snacks from it!” and it was the reason it became memorable to her.

During her Elementary days, she was receiving theater acting lessons, there was a time when they had to voice-acting training. She enjoyed doing voice acting and decided to focus on it moving forward. She used to be part of an acting troupe and was a child actress for a good amount of time. She appeared in stage plays, educational TV programs, commercials and TV dramas etc. She has always liked basketball as a child and also soccer. She started playing the drums since she was 5 years old. She did tap dancing for a year when she was in fourth grade.1

During her Middle School days, she was part of the Basketball club (and continued it until high school). During her 1st year, her friends from the Volleyball Club invited her to join the Basketball Club. She thought that the name ‘Baskebu’ (バスケー部, Basketball Club) sounded cool so she joined it. The training was tough and she wasn’t good with it, however, when she told the coach she wanted to quit, he told her that he won’t let her do that and taught her how to play basketball and told her what her good parts as a player was. She stayed in the club for all three years of middle school. Her position was Forward. She wasn’t good at defense and dribbling but she was good at shooting, so she was put in a position where she can shoot. She wasn’t a regular member, but she had fun being in the bench, helping out make tea, give towels and cheer for her team. She is a very competitive person as a student, she often asked her classmates what score they get on tests, because she wanted to get the best test score that she can among everyone. There was a time during her 2nd year in middle school where she got too into anime that caused her grades to suffer. Although after that she began to study more diligently. She was torn between Basketball Club and playing Percussion in the Brass band during these years, in the end she started doing drums as a hobby and chose Basketball for her club. She wanted to join the Light Music Club in Middle School as well, but it turned out that they were more common in high school so she thought of enduring the want to play drums until she’s in High School.

During High School, she joined the Light Music Club because she wanted to play an instrument. They weren’t quite active in playing, they played during the school festival, and was only able to complete one song. She was in-charge of the drums as her band played ONE OK ROCK’s “Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid.” After that, she was tasked to be the Guitar/Vocalist of their Light Music Club. She used to play in Drums Recitals until she was in 3rd year of High School.

In 2011, she auditioned for HoriPro’s Talent Scout Caravan. She made it into the finals, whereas she lost the scout caravan title to Tadokoro Azusa. However, after that, she was taken in by HoriPro together with Machico, Kido Ibuki and Yamazaki Erii. Around this time, she expressed the want to someday play the drums for anything that is singing or seiyuu related. She was in 2nd year High School during the time, and she wanted to go to College to become a Teacher, there was no particular reason for her to becoming a teacher. If she continued onto her path as a teacher, she would’ve been a World History teacher. She loved Social Classes a lot and her highest grades were for History since she’s bad at Kanji, her grades for Japanese History weren’t as good. During the Scout Caravan, she was closest to Machico, who was like an older sister to her and next to that is Kido Ibuki who was easy to talk to. At the moment she is closest to Tadokoro Azusa, who she mentioned, was not in the same room as her during the scout caravan. However, they met once during the time and she thought that she’s definitely a kind and gentle girl, albeit a little too negative on herself, and that she loved her soft voice.

In 2012, she played her first role as the “Executive Committee” in the 10th episode of the TV Anime Amagami SS+ plus. On the same year, she got her first regular/main character in anime as Fleur Blanc in the TV Anime Eureka Seven AO. It was also during this time where she got to host her own radio show together with co-worker, Tadokoro Azusa. During the time she was a big fan of Vocaloid. She was very into it that she bought their CDs and regularly checked their songs in daily charts and rankings. She likes the Kagamine Twins and Kaito.2

In the same year, she was also chosen as Shimamura Uzuki for the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls game. When she was told that she was going to audition for Idolmaster, she was shocked and she felt the pressure, because it was such a big franchise. The most shocking thing about the audition was that there was a song audition for Kirari and Uzuki. The song was “Pre-cog.” At first she was told to do Kirari’s parts, and then was asked to do Uzuki’s as well. She was very happy when she was chosen as Uzuki. Uzuki’s character song “S(mile)ING” was her very first song recording. Uzuki’s formal demeanor in terms of choice of words and personality were entirely based on her own personality when the character was created.

In October 2013, the first “Anisong Ichiban!! presented by HoriPro” was held. This featured her, and her fellow seiyuu-singer co-workers from the same agency such as Tadokoro Azusa, Machico, Kido Ibuki, Yamazaki Erii and Akiba Cultures.

In August 2014, she made her solo artiste debut by releasing her first single “YES!!” that was used as the opening song for the TV Anime Sabagebu! She was signed under the music label Lantis.

In October 2015, in “BanG_Dream! 4th Live ‘Youkoso! Poppin☆PARTY!!!!!'” it was announced that she will be playing Poppin’Party’s drummer, Yamabuki Saaya in the BanG_Dream! Project. On the same year, during her birthday event in September, photos of her and Tadokoro Azusa from AFA Singapore 2014 were shown. They were very close and intimate, that caused people to ask her if the two of them are dating, whereas she brushed it off and said “Ah, we’re not doing that kind of business3” making everyone laugh.4 She also mentioned that every time she sees Azusa, she just has this want to bully her, like a middle schooler boy who likes to tease the person he likes. It was that kind of feeling.

In May 2016, she released her first studio album “KIDOU ~START UP~” In her Birthday Live in this year, Tadokoro Azusa left a message for her revealing that a while before her birthday, she stayed over at Azusa’s home and drank sake. She mentioned that she was cute and wanted to get spoiled and to spoil. This causes her to get embarrassed saying that she will never drink sake in-front of Azusa ever again with a laugh. Azusa also wrote in her blog that a drunk Oohashi Ayaka is a completely different person who does really surprising things.  Azusa implied that she did things she normally won’t sober, it was a little troublesome but it was cute. She kept on clinging to her, hugging her and touching her all over. Patting her head, or touching her butt. Azusa also mentioned that a drunk Oohashi Ayaka also says things such as “I have my trust in you Azusa-chan” or “I can be off-guard in-front of you, Azusa-chaaaan~” and such. Azusa then mentioned that the next morning, Oohashi Ayaka remembered nothing, Azusa then comments that Ayaka may not remember it, but Azusa will and it is etched already into her memory.5

In Spring 2017, she was able to hold her first solo tour “OVERSTEP.” In an interview in the same year, she admits that she is the type who has difficulty with sleeping.

She isn’t very good at dancing in general, and her body is stiff. Although she does enjoy dancing, she says that “I love dancing, but dancing doesn’t love me, it seems (laughs).” Machico often teases her for having stiff muscles. She loves to play otome games and name her characters ‘Ayaka’ and loved to watch her character get verbally abused. She also likes it when the characters have blood relationship with her character (incest).

She is a single child and admits to being easily lonely, combined by her shy personality, she tells her fellow Poppin’Party band members that she’ll do her best to interact with them because she is bad at initiating conversations. She studied in an All-Girls School all this time so she is not good at dealing with men in general.

She loves rock music, and bands such as SLIPKNOT, EVANESCENCE and PAPA ROACH. The singer she looks up to and aims to reach one day is Mizuki Nana.

She is left handed when writing and using the chopsticks, but the rest is right-handed. Whereas she mostly refers to her handedness as ‘Ambidextrous’ or ‘Both’.

Her favorite foods are Peperoncino in pasta and pasta in general, ham, and vegetable salad with onions. She also loves to collect items of Village Vanguard’s mascot ‘Oshushi‘ (おしゅし) whom she calls ‘Shari’ (シャリ).

She loves cats, although before, she thinks that animals hated her after it was recommended that she take in a cat, animals now love her. She owns a cat named “Fleur” whom she often calls “Fuutaso” or “Taso.” It is the same name as her first main character “Fleur Blanc” from the TV Anime Eureka Seven AO. She also loves cows, and would like to visit a farm someday to take care of farm animals.

The real reason she started getting interested in becoming a seiyuu was because of her friend from middle school named “Risa.” She always comes over to Risa’s house to play games and watch anime, and because of that she got interested in becoming a seiyuu. Risa is her best friend of all bestfriends. She always comes to watch her birthday live and they have been friends from middle school until now. 6

Blood Type: A
Height: 160cm
Shoe size: 23.5cm
Talents: Playing the drums, Sports, taking apart magazines.
Hobbies: Going to the Karaoke by herself, watching anime, listening to music, surfing the internet, playing games, and reading light novels.

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