Otsuka Sae

 Otsuka Sae (大塚紗英, Last name: Otsuka, First name: Sae) born October 10th, 1995, in Kanagawa, Japan. She’s a seiyuu and guitarist. She’s well-known for her role as Hanazono Tae in the TV Anime BanG Dream! She is the lead guitarist for the BanG Dream! band Poppin’Party or Popipa (ぽっぴん’Party or ぽぴぱ) She is affiliated with Ace Crew Entertainment. She is often called Sae (さえ), Saechi (さえチ) and Otsuka-san (大塚さん)1

She started out as a guitar-vocal street performer at the young age of 15, she did it for about four years. During her high school years, she enrolled in Music School Wood‘s vocal course and graduated from it. While she was studying in Music School Wood, she was in a band called “secondrate” in 2013. Then after that she was discovered by Ace Crew Entertainment and debuted as a voice actress for the BanG Dream! Project, a project where live band performances are performed in-front of the audience as the characters they portray, in 2015. She is Poppin’Party‘s Lead Guitarist.

She started out with music at a young age, playing a toy piano that was bought for her by her mother. She has started to make songs since she was a five year old. She was part of the Music Committee in her school when she was in Elementary. During her Middle School days, she played the Trombone in her school’s Concert Band Club. She can also play the Piano.

After she was announced for the BanG_Dream! project, it was then that she learned how to play the electric guitar, for as previously she only used acoustic. She was told on December 25th, 2014 that she’s going to be voicing and playing as Hanazono Tae for this project. Since the 16th, she practiced playing the guitar 12-hours a day for half a year until she appeared in public. People around her were worried as to she has zero experience as a voice actress and asked her often if she will be okay. She is grateful to the members of Popipa and the staff for the TV anime’s recording for assisting her during recording and teaching her the ropes, like how to hold the script so it doesn’t make noises if the pages are turned or what seat to take depending on lines and other things.2

She currently has an endorsement partnership with the guitar brand ESP. Her favorite guitar pedal is BOSS’s DD-20 GIGA DELAY.

The artists she has high respect for is Mizuki Nana and Hisaishi Joe. As a voice actress, she looks up to Sawashiro Miyuki. Her favorite anime is Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. She said that she relates to Mizuki Nana’s character ‘Fate Testarossa’ a lot. She sees herself in her sometimes. She bought a pair of rabbits and breeds them, as of April 2017, they have 23 rabbits, 50 goldfishes, 4 koi and 1 pigeon 3. These rabbits were also used as models for Hanazono Tae’s Rabbits in the TV anime BanG Dream!.  Odd-eye (rabbit with odd-eyes), or Occhan (おっちゃん) is a real rabbit that Sae owns.

She also has a habit of naming things and shortening them. The two guitars she uses for BanG Dream! has names. The ESP SNAPPER (Tae Custom) is named ‘Sunataro’ (スナタロ) because it’s a ‘SUNAPPA’ (スナッパー/SNAPPER) and the name ‘Taro.’ While her second guitar an ESP FLOYD ROSE is named ‘Furotaro’ (フロタロ) because it’s a ‘FUROIDO’ (フロイド/FLOYD) and the name ‘Taro.’

She loves all the members of Poppin’Party. She thinks of Aimi as an Angel, because of their first meeting during Aimi’s 2nd Live. She was wearing a white outfit and Sae described her smile as bright that she seemed like an angel who descended from above; she also sees her as an older sister. She thinks of Ayasa as somewhat of a band mascot. She is a great mood-maker. She looks up to Hasshi, especially as a seiyuu because she has the most experience in it out of all of them; she also thinks of her as an older sister. While she finds Rimi cute, someone she needs to take care of, someone she would like to protect.

Her family is composed of her mother, her father, Sae, the eldest, and her two younger sisters and a younger brother. She’s very specific about her habits from going to and from one work to another. She often spends most of her time working. If she has a 3-hour break in between jobs and she can get to her next job in 20-minutes, she will spend the rest of her time working and then leave just in time to arrive to her next work. She does keep contact with her manager, but her manager often tells her to stop doing it.4 She loves to take photos of trees so much she can get into detail on how you can get a thousand photos of a single tree and only choose that one photo.5

Blood Type: O
Height: 161cm
Talents: Fruit carving, writing music, composing songs, and when she’s stuck about guitar practice, she practices while watching TV
Hobbies: Eating, bathing, running, reading manga, taking photos of trees while walking outside.
Likes: Hamburger, Red Bean Soup (Oshiruko, おしるこ), and Ramen.

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