Pile (Love Live)Pile (パイル) born May 02, 1988, in Tokyo, Japan. She is a solo singer and a voice actress. She is affiliated with  “SPACE Y PRODUCE” She graduated from Shinagawa Girl’s School. She does acting activities under the name Hori Eriko (堀 絵梨子, Last Name: Hori, First Name: Eriko) for her official blog posts, she often ends them with “.erico”. She is close friends with Nitta Emi and Kusuda Aina. She is often called Pai-chan (パイちゃん) by Nanjolno and Shikaco. In 2006 she auditioned for “Asian Dolls” and was chosen among the applicants of 700. In 2007 she debuted as a singer with a single called 「Your is All…」 under the major music label Columbia. In 2010 she debuted as seiyuu playing as “Nishikino Maki” in the anime, Love Live school idol project! In 2013 she formed a unit with Kusuda Aina who voiced Toujou Nozomi from Love Live called “Please&Secret”. In 2014, she formed a unit with Iida Riho who voiced Hoshizora Rin from Love Live! called “4to6”. They are called 4to6 simply because “because 4 o’clock to 6 o’clock—the time from when classes at school end to when you go back home—is the time that you can do stuff after school.”

She is born between a Korean Mother and a Japanese Father, which makes her a “konketsu” or mixed blood. She is fluent with both Korean and Japanese and she is also very familiar with English. Her stage name is meant to mean, “Wrapped with warmth, an artist that will be loved by everyone,” then she was named Pile, like the pile used as material for towels.

Her blood type is O. She is 158cm tall. She also attended a College in Tokyo.

Her hobbies are shopping, cooking and watching sports. Her strong points are her long patience and her laughter. Her weak points is being a dork, apparently. The things she’s confident with are her ability to speak Korean, Dance, and a nice smile because of the good alignment of her teeth. The thing she’s addicted to recently is Hawaiian Cuisine. The things she does after going home is to walk straight to the living room without going to her room first. Her average sleeping time is around 7hours ~ 4hours. She is also apparently an M (See: Masochist).

She loves simple and light food, and hates heavy and strong food. Her favorite color is pink. She is happiest when she’s not alone, and she wanted to be a Singer and a Ballerina when she was a child. The thing she wants at the moment is happiness, and the place she wants to travel to now is Korea, so she wouldn’t forget how to speak the language.


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