Saito Shuka

sign Saito Shuka (斉藤朱夏, First name: Shuka ; Last name: Saito) born August 16th, 19961 in Saitama, Japan. She is a voice actress. She is affiliated with Holy Peak. She is well-known for her role as Watanabe You in Love Live! Sunshine. She is often called Shukashu (しゅかしゅ). On her first few days in Twitter, fans asked her what her nickname is and she asked everyone on what nickname would be nice. On the same day, she chose Shukashu and Shu-chan (しゅーちゃん)2

She graduated from Watanabe Entertainment School‘s Vocal Course as Hida Yuchika (肥田ゆちか) in 2014, still under Holy Peak. As Hida Yuchika, she worked in Sunl Games’s “El Dice” and promoted it as well3. She also appeared in a two stage plays titled Aster tataricus~Mabuta no Ura ni Hirogaru Sekai~  and in RIN-RIN-RIN ~Hero wa Itsumo Kimi no Soba ni Iru~ as part of the “Alicein Project“.  However, after roughly a year of promotions, she suddenly disappeared without any news or announcements.

In 2015, still signed under Holy Peak, Saito Shuka appeared and was announced for the Love Live! Sunshine Project as Hida Yuchika disappears without a trace. (Please note that there are no official announcement/news making the connection, however they are evidently the same person.)

She is the youngest in her family. She has an older sister and two older brothers. She firmly insists that the 0.5cm of her 150.5cm height is very important. Please do not make the mistake that she is 150cm because she is 150.5cm. 4

She has worked part-time in a vintage clothing store in the past. She owns a dog named Shura (修羅, lit. Fighting) which was given to her by her friend when she was 7 years old. Her favorite Disney characters are Monster’s Inc.’s Mike and Ariel. She isn’t very into horror movies, but she loved the American TV Series The Walking Dead when she was in High school. Her influential artist is Hamasaki Ayumi.

Height: 150.5cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Reading, Walking, Observing People, listening to music, watching DVDs, sleeping
Special Skills: Dancing, Badminton, Calligraphy, Trumpet
Favorite Scent: Lavender, Rose
Favorite Color/s: Red, Pink, Khaki (Cream)
Favorite Flower/s: Sunflower, Baby’s Breath
Favorite Drink/s: Orange Juice, Black Tea
Favorite Writer/Novelist: Inui Kurumi

External Links:
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Official Blog (Shuka Otegami)5 (lit. Shuka Communications)
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  1. Confirmed
  2. Please call me Shukashu! or Shuuchan!
  3. See videos (1)(2)(3
  4. The 0.5cm is important!!
  5. The kanji is ‘Tsuushin’ (通信) but she wrote on her blog that it’s (通信(おてがみ) so it’s ‘Shuka Otegami’