Suwa Nanaka

Suwa Nanaka Suwa Nanaka (諏訪ななか, First name: Nanaka ; Last name: Suwa) born November 2nd, 1994, in Saitama, Japan. She’s a seiyuu and a radio personality. She’s well-known for her voice as Matsuura Kanan in Love Live! Sunshine. She is affiliated with Amuleto. Her nickname is Suwawa (すわわ) and Suwa-chan (すわちゃん).

She loved Hidamari Sketch so much that from then on she aimed to become a seiyuu and hopefully be added in the show’s cast someday. She is currently studying Theater in a music school.

She has done various minor seiyuu roles and starred in different radio and niconama shows since 2013. She used to be part of A&G’s Nippon Cultural Broadcasting sales unit ‘Urumeitsu 7’s’ sister unit ‘Urumeitsu Junior” which was advertised through Aniamo!

In April 8th, 2015 she signed with Amuleto.

Height: 157cm
Hobbies: Sleeping, Playing Games, Watching Movies, Walking, Eating 2 ~ 3 cones of Ice Cream
Talents: Dancing, Piano, Calligraphy, Putting on Yukata and Hakama, Breaking Shoes, English (Eiken Level 2)
She loves sweets especially sweet cake and sweet tea. She hates crowds.

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