Suzuki Aina

Suzuki Aina (鈴木愛奈 First name: Aina, Last name: Suzuki) born in July 23, 1995, in Hokkaido, Japan. She is a seiyuu and a singer. She’s most notable for her roles as Mez (メズ) in Akame ga! Kill which is her debut role, Ohara Mari (小原鞠莉) from Love Live! Sunshine and the youngest sister, Sakurada Shiori (桜田栞) from Castle Town Dandelion. She is affiliated under I AM Agency. She is often called “Ainyan” (given to her co-voice actress, Matsukyun (Matsui Eriko), or just simply “Aina” in most cases. Aisaka Yuuka who she has met through Castle Town Dandelion said that she will just call her as she pleases.

After graduating from Chitose Municipal Junior School, she studied in a certain high school that has an International Liberation Arts Department (or an International School), she then later moved to Sapporo Odori High School. After graduating she went to Tokyo, aiming to become an anisong singer. Although it was filled with troubles, her parents helped her get into the “International Media Academy” in April 2014, and now she is a singer and a seiyuu while still taking her classes.

Due to her folk song background, her Mother and Grandmother worried about her tone and pitch. Would it fit for anime songs? During this time, her sister who is two years younger also started learning Min’you (a genre of traditional Japanese music; folk song).

She is 147cm tall.

Her hobbies are singing, dancing and watching anime. Her special skills are having a Level 1 certificate for Folk Song, and a Level 3 certification for English. She also has two younger sisters.

She is left-handed. She has been learning min’you since she was 6. She is an All-Japan Min’you champion from 2007 to 2010. Most people who follow the All Japan Anison Grand Prix would recognize her as being part of the national tournament, having making it in Top 3 in 2014 and being the champion in the Sapporo Qualifiers during the same year.

She used to be in the track and field club during her school days. She was a middle-long-distance runner who usually runs 100m up to 1000m distances. Her ideal day off is either shopping with her friends or playing games at home. Her fetish is ankle fetish. The spot in their house that makes her relaxed the most is being on top of her bed.1

She is a figure collector, she started collecting figures when she was in 6th Grade of Elementary. Her fellow Love Live! Sunshine co-workers often refers to her laughter and mannerisms as ‘Old Man-like’ (Ojisan), however she says that she’s unaware of whenever she does such mannerisms2.


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