Takatsuki Kanako

photo_01 Takatsuki Kanako (高槻かなこ, First name: Kanako ; Last name: Takatsuki) born September 25th, 1993 in Hyogo, Japan. She is a seiyuu and a singer. She is affiliated with Amuse Japan. She is most popular for her role Kunikida Hanamaru from Love Live! Sunshine. She is often called ‘King’ (キング).

She aimed to become part of Morning Musume, but she ended up becoming an anisong fan, she became an utaite and streamed game playthroughs niconico live stream. (Please know that these videos are being taken down as of present.) She was popular for her enigmatic and unique Showa-like singing voice. When she had her major debut in 2012 under Victor Entertainment, “A miraculous idol with a Showa-like voice, a little bit pure, milky girl,” was her catchphrase.

She previously worked in anisong cafes in a shopping district in Osaka, namely “Anisong Cafe&BAR Arcadia” and “AKIHABARA MUSIC CAFE&BAR 441.”

In 2012, she released her major mini album titled “Bonjou Cinderella no Shiruke no Aru Onegai” (凡常シンデレラの汁気のあるお願い, lit. “The Juice of That Ordinary Cinderella’s Favor”). This album is available for purchase and preview in Victor Entertainment’s site.

Height: 163cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Gaming, Watching Anime,Watching Foreign Dramas

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