Uchida Aya

Uchida Aya (内田 彩; First name: Aya, Last name: Uchida) born July 23, 1986 in Outa, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. She is a voice actress affiliated with Across Entertainment. She appears to be close friends with Emitsun and Kusuda Aina. She is often called Ucchi (うっち). She is under the labels ZERO-A and Columbia Japan.

A cheerful female, who is also good at dealing with children. She started out as a brother role (for the first time) from the anime series Munto. It is also shown that her personality shines as a “My Pace” type of person, which enables her to broaden her horizon into the seiyuu industry. Her debut role from JTB Entertainment is from the TV Anime Oden-kun. She is to NOT be confused as Singer Aya Uchida (内田あや)

She graduated from Yoyogi Animation School. She became a seiyuu because she wanted to be like Sailor Moon when she was a child. She likes books and when she was in Middle School she discovered what a seiyuu is and wanted to be one. Her favorite seiyuu is Ikue Ohtani. Her influential seiyuu is Ogata Megumi from her training school. Drinking (alcoholic beverages) is one of her strong points, she likes beer and red wine. She has a regular driver’s license. Her family has a cat named ‘Kiki‘ . She makes her own vinegar, such as kiwi vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Her hobby is making sweets, such as Gateau Chocolate, Decoration roll cakes and apple pies. She is in a good relationship with her mother and her sister. Making things is one of her talents. In a show hosted by seiyuu Kaneda Tomoko, she told Ucchi that she looks a bit like Ueto Aya.

She is to release her first solo album in November 2014, titled “Applemint.” Starting April 2016th, she has moved agencies from JTB Entertainment to Across Entertainment.1


Pitch: A – C#, Falsetto E
Blood type: O

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  1. See: Uchida Aya’s Blog Post: ご報告