[Release] When doing New Year Battles on not New Year’s // Happy Birthday, Yui-chan!


Happy Birthday, Yui-chan! Today, 8/15 Ogura Yui-chan, finally, turns 20 years old! *Unleash the party crackers.* A lot of people have waited for her to turn 20. She can finally drink sake now. You thinking what we thinking?

On another note. In this post is the second part to the Kaori’s Birthday release! So, who won the battle? It’s… watch so you will find out!

Download links below the cut!

Also, please make sure to check our previous release “Ogura Yui’s Encouragement of Yomogi” as to we have updated it!

LisAni! - YuiKaori - Battle in Holiday Attire 2015 - Latter Part [Seiyuuri].mkv_thumbs_

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[Release] YuiKaori – LisAni! – NEO SIGNALIFE // Happy Birthday, Carrie-san!


Happy Birthday, Carrie-san! Today, 8/6 Ishihara Kaori turns 22 years old! We wanted to celebrate, and of course to celebrate, we’ve cooked up a release! Part 2 should come together with another person’s birthday soon. Hint: She’s turning 20! Stay tune for our next release! Download links below the cut!


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[Release] Ogura Yui’s – Encouragement of Yomogi – Latter Part!

EDIT: 08/15

Files has been updated in our new torrent! Vimeo link has been deleted as well. The second part has been uploaded into our Youtube account, after cutting the parts with the BGM. Download the whole video to watch everything!

EDIT: 01/14

We have updated the stream link with vimeo, because Youtube is a big bad meanie!


Thank you for waiting! It’s our one year anniversary! Here’s the 2nd part to Yui-chan’s Yomogi adventures, with a bonus! I wonder what it is. 😉 Click on to check! Take note that this episode features her YuiKaori partner, Ishihara Kaori-chan! Now… what could she be doing there, I wonder?

※ There may be some inconsistencies, but please bear with it. We’re still in the middle of experimenting a typesetting style that we’re very comfortable with. On another note, if you have comments, do not hesitate to let us know!

[Seiyuuri] Ogura Yui's Encouragement of Yomogi - Latter Part! (LisAni! 2014.08.20).mkv_thumbs

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[Release] Ogura Yui’s Encouragement of Yomogi – First Part! v2.0

EDIT 2015/01/06 12:00PM:

It seems that font muxing had an accident and some fonts do not work properly. Please download our font zip and install the fonts to view the maximum quality of the font styling!

To install fonts in Windows 7: Go to C:WindowsFont and just copy paste or drag the fonts into the Font folder.

2015-01-06 11_54_57-Windows

To install fonts in Windows 8: Double click the file and click Install. Do the same for the rest!


We might use the same fonts for our future releases so it’ll be good to keep them! On another note, next time we’ll make sure to not mess up with the font attachments. Thanks for bearing with us!


Hi! We’re back! Immediately, like literally 30mins after releasing our extremely low quality first release, someone stepped up and helped us with out typesetting so we decided to pull out all the releases and re-release it at a later date… which is today! A day before NEO SIGNALIFE is released! Anyhow, we present, Ogura Yui’s Encouragement of Yomogi – First Part!

I’m sure you’re asking. “Why Encouragement of Yomogi?” This is a literal translation of “Yomogi no Susume,” which was the name of the lisani corner dedicated to Yui-chan’s recent obsession with yomogi. This is also in the subtitles! We have retained “Yomogi no Susume.”

Please enjoy this release!

[Seiyuuri] Ogura Yui's Encouragement of Yomogi - First Part! (LisAni! 2014.08.10).mkv_thumbs_

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