[Release] When YuiKaori goes full YuriKaori with Kabedon

Photo by: Repotama

Taking the year-end by storm, YuiKaori did a marvelous Kabedon (壁ドン lit. Wallpush) in their 2014 Live Tour, HEARTY PARTY! In its last day in Makuhari Messe, Chiba. We previously translated a detailed live report by 1523-san. The concert was also released in DVD and BD last June 3, 2015. Leveling up their friendship, gay, bonds, the audience had managed to persuade the two to create their own versions of the popular ‘Kabedon.’ Not to mention, in this release, we also manage to learn more about their favorite phrases/buzzwords in the year 2014!


Some of the notes in the videos are too short to fit the correct meaning. Below are an expounded version of them.


Suspension Bridge Effect – The suspension bridge effect is a “misattribution of arousal”, in which someone experiences the effects of fear of a physical danger while meeting someone, and mistakenly believes that the other person is the cause of their physical responses (such as elevated heart rate, shortness of breath).  Source

O-prefix – O- is often added before the name of the person to express respect and politeness to that person. Source

Ishihara Kaori often calls Yui-chan, “O-Yui-san” or “Ogura-san” as part of her playful personality towards her.

Kabedon (壁ドン) – “kabe” meaning “wall” and “don” being the sound of someone hitting a hard object–like a wall. Source 

There are different kinds of don as well. Such as yukadon (床ドン), Beddon (ベッドドン)etc. You may read this article to find out more.

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[Re-Release] HD-HD-HD~!!

Do you guys remember this video?

I bet you do, it was cute as hell, after all.

After getting a Bluray rip resource for the BUNNY FLASH!!! concert, we have decided to release a 1080p version of the aforementioned subtitled video! いいでしょう?ラッキーイエイ~ (Great isn’t it? Lucky! Yay~)

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[Release] Yui Answer?

Hi~ It’s been so long since our last update! Worry not, we’re not derpy yet! Well we’ve always been derpy. However, we are currently more active in twitter. Recently we have announced the @nzer_jolks twitter that is a weekly Radio Garden livetweet account, while @seiyuuri is focused in tweeting seiyuu news in English. So please follow the two accounts if you have a twitter!

Below is a short list of future releases from various Seiyuu we follow!

11/05 – Nanjo Yoshino’s 2nd Solo Single – Anata no Aishita Sekai
11/12 – Uchida Aya’s Solo Debut Album – Applemint
12/3 – Pile’s debut single – Densetsu no Flare
12/10 – AINA&PILE – Please&Secret – 3rd Single
01/05 – YuiKaori new single – NEO SIGNALIFE
2015/1 – Kusuda Aina’s first solo photobook “Kusuda Aina in Italy”

Meanwhile, below is a video from YuiKaori’s recently released, 10/08, BUNNY FLASH!! LIVE 2014 MC. Sorry for the quality for they are only DVD rips! I hope you enjoy this MC/teaser for our future releases as much as we loved doing the subs for it!

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