[Random] Here Are Random Subs!

Hi, there! We’ve gotten caught of a lot of stuff and I have recently started watching Magi… I wonder about the manga though, I really don’t like long manga. I forgot where I was at Bleach like was it 171? 271? I don’t remember and– I don’t want to remember now. LOL. Today we’re gonna give you three videos~ Here’s one.

Above is the Magi Maharagan Event, Nama Afureko part (Live Voice Acting/Recording). It’s a fun video that will make you love all these derpy and jokester seiyuu. Visit the video to see more info… maybe?

And then here are two more ones… YuiKaori ones!

Here below is once upon a time, Ishihara Kaori became food.

And last lightly… Ishihara Kaori teaching people how to NOT do things correctly… but survive from it! Ganbare, Kyarii-san!

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