First up! One up! SonoHana’s – Miya Quiz!

What would you do if Miya wrote somethings on your back? Would you be as derpy as Risa too? Or would you allow Miya to just touch you on your back? Or would you be as bored as hell as Reo? Well, time to find it for yourself on Seiyuuri’s first post release below! It’s not a long video, and we’re pretty sure everyone would DL it off youtube as well, so posting a download link is a lost cause, huh?

Also, this post aside, jan jan jan jaaan~ We would like to formally announce translations of 3 SonoHanabira Drama CDs. A Cozy Spring Vacation (MiyaRisa), Our Campus Life (ErisShizuku) and Golden Vacation of Risa (MiyaRisa). All the SonoHana stuff aside.


Q: What the heck of a website is Seiyuuri?
A: It’s a website where one who is a starting fan of the seiyuu fandom could hang out in! We have a lot of non-ANN and non-Japanese information about our favorite seiyuu and who knows, maybe in the near future you can request us to make a profile of your own favorite seiyuu and put them here!

Q: Do you only post about female seiyuu?

A: Given that we love yuri, and all that, posts would be mostly female seiyuu but if there are any males mentioned in any of our translations why not? We don’t mind! We all live Kamiya Hiroshi and Miyano Mamoru here! -/shot-/nuked

Q: What do you post in this website?
A: Translations of all sorts of stuff! From NozoEri radio, to OreImo radio, to Mizuki Nana’s World of M radio, to Tamura Yukari’s Kuro Usagi Radio to SonoHana radio and all those stuff! Anything seiyuu and yuri related, we’re there!

Q: What is Yuri anyway?

A: Did you  get here without knowing what Yuri is? It’s a name of flower! Lily! LILY! Ahem, sorry. To put it simple, it’s a genre about Girls’ Love, or GL. You can search more detail information about it from our dearest Wikipedia-kun.

Q: Are you looking for more people right now?

A: Of course! We’ll be glad to welcome you here!

Well then, that’s all for today, folks! Also! If you want a link back from us, we will surely want a link back to you as well! Just email at! See ya guys!

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