Ishihara Kaori

Ishihara Kaori (石原 夏織, First name: Kaori, Last name: Ishihara) born August 06, 1993, in Chiba, Japan. She’s a seiyuu, an idol, a singer and a tarento. She’s well-known for her seiyuu roles as Aladdin from Magi and Kyono Madoka from Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne-.  She is affiliated with Style Cube. She is a seiyuu idol, most popular for the duo seiyuu unit, YuiKaori (ゆいかおり). She graduated from College in Spring of 2016. Her name is made with the meaning “Summer’s Orihime” (夏の織姫).  She is often called Carrie or Carrie-san / Kyarii-san (キャリー/キャリーさん), for the reason that, when she was in middle school her classmates said she looked like the character “Caroline” from the Manga/Anime Paradise Kiss, and she’s also often called Kaori-chan (夏織ちゃん).

She used to be affiliated with Up-Front Agency;  as a member of the Hello!Project Kenshuusei unit HAPPY! STYLE Rookies. She debuted in July 6, 2008 in “HAPPY! STYLE Communication Circuit 002” that was held in Omotesandou FAB. As a trainee member of HAPPY!STYLE Rookies, September 7, 2009, she graduated from being a Rookie in the event, “Anisong Plus x Anime Dance Collection presents GIRLs-TechnoPop stadium~Liquid Room~In the heat of the late summer sympathy’s 2 days~ First Day~” with Ogura Yui, At the same time it was announced that she and Ogura Yui will debut as indies. She was also part of the unit “Team Dekaris”, which was a sub-unit from Happy!Style that was created to promote the video game Tetris Dekaris for SEGA. HAPPY! STYLE Rookies then officially disbanded in July 2011.   In December 2011 her activities with StylipS began, she was then under Style Cube. She was then given her first starring role as Kyono Madoka from Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne-. In the same year she was admitted into college and continue doing seiyuu activity.

Since her role in Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne- she is good friends with Seto Asami since they are of the same age and live in the same city and work in the same agency, she was also the one to convince her and Ogura Yui to switch from Style Cube to Sigma 7e. She gets along well with Ogura Yui, enough for people to ask if the two of them are dating or not. She has an older brother. In December 2014, Kaori revealed her personal nickname for Ogura Yui, which is Yuitama (ゆいたま). Since then Yui asks everyone to call her this as well. Kaori has used this nickname a lot in the past, but after saying it in a concert, did it only become popular.

In March 1, 2013, she won “Best Rookie Actress” in the 7th Seiyuu Awards. This award is won by two people. The other awardee was Ookubo Rumi. On the same year she and Ogura Yui graduated from StylipS, in April. On September 16th, 2013 she transferred from Style Cube to Sigma 7e. On April 1, 2015 she has been transferred from Sigma 7e to Sigma 7. Her record label is under King Records.

She failed her Middle School entrance exam and ended up going to an All-Girls School. 1 She has been to Hawaii, Thailand and South Korea. 2

In early 2014, she planned a surprise for Ogura Yui by giving her a heart-shaped necklace as celebration for her admission into college. She [Kaori] said that she knew that it’s important to her [Yui] and it should be celebrated. She planned the surprise with a close friend, Seto Asami. 3

In August 2015, she and Yui exchanged index finger rings for their birthdays in the same day, they were given tickets for a vacation. Their management will fix their schedules so they are able to go to the trip together. The person who first voiced that she wanted a ring, was Kaori herself. 4 The aforementioned ‘trip together’ was an overnight stay in Hakone, Japan, not a lot of details about this were shared. They went on this trip somewhere around February ~ April 20165

As of March 31st, Ishihara Kaori is no longer affiliated with Sigma Seven. On March 31st, it was announced that YuiKaori will be suspending all their musical activities starting June 30th, 2017. On April 1st, 2017, Ishihara Kaori is now affiliated once again under Style Cube6.

Sizes: Height: 152cm 7 B: 75 W: 52 H: 76 Shoes: 23cm
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Afternoon naps, shopping, watching DVD/BDs, watching foreign TV shows, going abroad for a vacation, listening to music, nail art, mobile games, chokers.
Talents: The ability to fall asleep easily, dancing, the ability to not forget what she has remembered, Badminton.
Likes: Chocolate, Ice Cream, Yakitori, Steak, Hamburger, Nizakana, Badminton, Psychology, Pink, Light Blue, White, Brown, Yellow and Yui-chan8.
Things she’s not good with: Staying up late, ball games, fish balls or fish dumplings, liver and insects.

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