Ogura Yui

Ogura Yui (小倉 唯, First name: Yui, Last name: Ogura) born August 15, 1995 in Midori, Gunma, Japan. She is a voice actress, pop idol, and also a Japanese singer. She is popular with her role as Alice from Kamisama no Memochou and Hakamada Hinata from Ro-Kyu-Bu! . She was a member of idol unit StylipS, and currently is a member of duo seiyuu idol unit YuiKaori (ゆいかおり) along with Ishihara Kaori. She is affiliated with Clare Voice. As a solo artist, she has released four singles so far (2014); Raise (Campione! ED Theme), Baby Sweet Berry Love (Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko ED Theme), Charming Do! (Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiindaga ED Theme), and Tinkling Smile (Yama no Susume Second Season ED Theme).  She also released her first solo album, Strawberry JAM, on March 25th, 2015. She is often called as Yui-chan (唯ちゃん), Yuiyui (ゆいゆい), Shachou (社長), Ogunyan (おぐにゃん), or ChanYui (ちゃん唯). In December 2014, Ishihara Kaori revealed her personal nickname for Yui, which is Yuitama (ゆいたま) 1. Since then Yui asks everyone to call her this as well. Kaori has used this nickname a lot in the past, but after saying it in a concert, did it only become popular.

She was a member of HAPPY!STYLE Rookies since 2008, but on May 6th, 2009 she graduated on HAPPY!STYLE  Communication Circuit 006. On April 1st, 2012 she announced to have a solo debut for Campione! TV Anime ED theme song, and her first single Raise released on July 18th, 2012. On April 20th, 2013 she announced her graduation from StylipS. On September 16th, 2013 she transferred from Style Cube to Sigma 7e. On April 1, 2015 she has been transferred from Sigma 7e to Sigma 7.  Her record label is under King Records. On January 1, 2016 she has been transferred from Sigma 7 to Clare Voice.

She is the youngest child of three sisters. Her older sisters are twins, and she said herself that their age are separated by fifteen years. She became a university student in 2014 and still continue her seiyuu work. She gets along well with Hidaka Rina, her co-star from Ro-Kyu-Bu! She calls Hidaka as “ChanRina” (ちゃんりな). She gets along well with Ishihara Kaori, close enough for people to ask if they really are dating or not.

In August 2015, she and Kaori exchanged index finger rings for their birthdays in the same day, they were given tickets for a vacation. Their management will fix their schedules so they are able to go to the trip together. The person who first voiced that she wanted a ring, was Kaori herself. 2 The aforementioned ‘trip together’ was an overnight stay in Hakone, Japan, not a lot of details about this were shared. They went on this trip somewhere around February ~ April 20163 She recently started doing kickboxing.4

On March 31st, it was announced that YuiKaori will be suspending all their musical activities starting June 30th, 2017.

Blood Type: O
Height: 150 cm 5 B: 71 W: 53 H: 73 Shoes: 21.5cm
Hobbies: Karaoke, Shopping, Walking her pet dog Conan and playing with him, Cooking, making sweets, collecting cosmetics and beauty items.
Skills: I-character Balance, Classic ballet, Jazz and Tap dancing, Swimming, Dance, doing splits, making dance choreography, hair arrangement, hula-hoop.
Likes: Ramune candy; especially Kuppi Ramune, Cough Drops, Plum, Sticky Salad, White, Pink, and Kaori-chan6.
Things she’s not good with: Fish and shellfish (also seafood), insects, reptiles, everything related to ghosts, ball games, and rabbits, due to an allergy. 7

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